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Okin High-Top

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Behold the resplendent Okin High-Tops, a tribute to the Yoruba people's cherished peacock, an emissary bridging Africa's hearts and the supreme deity. These custom marvels are more than mere shoes; they're a living connection, a harmonious blend of legacy and trendsetting style. Immerse yourself in our Okin High-Tops, where minimalist finesse harmonizes with plush comfort, crafting a canvas for your day-to-night escapades infused with the spirit of the peacock's importance in African traditions. Every step echoes with the vibrant hues of history, a dance between past and present that's as striking as the bird itself. Let the legacy of the peacock guide your journey as you stride confidently, a modern wanderer in touch with ancient roots.

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Peacock Hightop Canvas Sneaker - Abate
Okin High-Top Sale price$99.00