Michael Abate

For the last decade I've been on a search for high-quality, modern clothing with African inspiration. When you grow up in a different culture, your fashion sense is going to be completely unique. You can't help but want to represent the way of life that raised and shaped you. 

This brand starts with appreciation for the motherland and everything she's given me. Hopefully it gives you as much joy as it brings me. 

Custom Apparel

Made to Order

We only start making your item(s) once you have placed your order. We hold no stock, nor do we produce products beyond need. This means that nothing needs to be burned to keep our brand value.



We use very little water in our manufacturing process, and work with the water board to ensure ink waste is disposed of properly so nothing leaks into the environment.

We keep our shipping costs and carbon emissions low as everything is made in one facility. Your product is made under one roof and sent directly to you. 

African Roots

Design Inspiration

The African continent is home to some of the most distinct and vibrant cultures in the world. We are proud that our products have been inspired by these rich traditions, bringing you something new for your everyday lifestyle needs!